Willie - Don'tbeshywillie (JC)

2014 - 17hh - Thoroughbred Gelding

Willie is absolutely a once in a lifetime horse! He shows aptitude across several disciplines as he is brave and calm during Field Hunting, scopy and correct in the show ring, confident on the XC course, and floats through Dressage. Willie even rides and jumps completely bridleless!

He is currently competing at 3’ and Novice Eventing. At 7 years old, he is strong, mature and ready to level up. 

Willie has won prize money in the .85m and .95m Jumpers.

Want to hop on bareback in a halter at the end of the day for a hack? No problem! Alone or with others, Willie is a joy on the trails.

Trailers easy, unloads quietly, and naps next to the trailer all day waiting to show. Stands quietly for grooming/braiding/tacking. Polite for the farrier, vet, chiro, etc.

Want a horse you can trust to be calm when the kids want to hug his head, snuggle his legs, crawl under his belly, or climb a fence to mount? Look no further. Willie is absolutely smooch-able.

Perfect to catch in any size pasture and doesn’t do typical TB shenanigans like popping up lame the day before the show or scraping his face on every tree in the paddock.

An amateur can absolutely be safe and have fun with this horse, and he’ll carry you over the jumps whether he’s set up correctly or not. A more advanced rider can enjoy a more polished ride.

Healthy, clean x-rays (available upon request), UTD on absolutely everything, receives monthly chiropractic/acupuncture/bodywork unlike his rickety, run-down trainer.

An excellent home is an absolute must.