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Let me help set you and your horse off in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Whether you have a young horse needing started, a rescue horse or Mustang needing "problem solving", or you simply need help taking your horse to the next level... you can be confident that your horse will receive the best care and training with Infinity.

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Training the "Untrainable"

The horse who "explodes out of nowhere"...

Through my work at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, I would hear this story over and over... it would always go something like this: 

"I’m looking for a Sanctuary to take in my Mustang. I love her and have tried everything to make it work, but she is reserved, doesn’t want anything to do with me, and bolts/bucks/bites/reacts out of nowhere. She is unpredictable and just doesn't like people so I really think she would be happiest running loose somewhere."

The horses that we were able to take in who have been deemed “untrainable”… “unpredictable”…”better off wild”… ALL were able to be rehabilitated. They became horses who would meet us at the gate, look forward to training sessions and LOVE human interaction. They became willing partners that I could find loving homes for.

So what's the secret? 

Every single one of these “unpredictable”, “untrainable” horses had been ignored and pushed past their comfort levels. Every. Single. One. This doesn’t mean that their owners and previous trainers were bad or cruel... these were well-intentioned people who simply didn't know. They didn’t know that when their horse stood still in this way, it was NOT the horse accepting the training, it was the horse shutting down and becoming more and more withdrawn. They didn’t know that when they were told to just keep doing this and the horse would become more comfortable, they were really ignoring the horse’s subtle messages that they were not OK.

There is no such thing as a counterfeit horse. There is no such thing as a horse who reacts “out of nowhere”. There is only a human who isn’t able to recognize the subtle language of their horse, so the horse must resort to louder actions to get us to listen. The horse didn’t react “out of nowhere”, they told us to stop some time ago...we just didn’t listen. The tension in their body, holding their breath, a nervous eye, a change of energy...we misread that for compliance because they were standing still and “accepting” it. So we kept going. We kept pushing further and asking for more and all of a sudden... WHAM! See! The horse kicked me with NO WARNING! ... or did he?

If this story sounds familiar... know that you're not alone and that this doesn't have to be the end of your journey with this horse. This is not just how your horse is and will always be. Reading your horse and developing a clear two-way communication is learnable! 

I would love to share my experience and help you realize your dreams with your horse... 

If you're unsure of what your horse needs, contact me to set up a free evaluation and develop an individualized training plan.

30 days
Full Time Training

  Includes full-care Board
  Training 5-6 days per week
  Weekly progress reports
Free weekly lesson for owner
Individualized action plan and exit evaluation at the end of training term


100 days
Colt Starting Program

Includes everything listed under "Full Time Training" 

Horses needing started under saddle are required to enroll in the 100 day Colt Starting Program to ensure we have enough time to develop a physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced horse. 100 days is a minimum and depending on the case, more time is often recommended to ensure you are set up for a successful future.


Part Time Training

Includes full-care Board
Training 3 days per week
Weekly progress reports
Free weekly lesson for owner

An excellent budget-friendly option, especially for tune-ups and continuation of under saddle training.

$800 per month

Problem Solving Session

For some cases, you just need a little help addressing certain behaviors. Trailer loading, head shy, trouble mounting, hard to catch, farrier prep, certain issues under saddle, etc. are all issues that can often be addressed in a single session. Of course it is up to you to continue what you learn, but I can evaluate and get your horse started in the right direction so you can be carry on the progress for lasting results. 

$85 per hour

How can I help your horse be successful?

Message Sent!

Thank you so much for sharing your goals and the obstacles in your way. I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss an action plan for your horse!

"Her training is positive...and it lasts!"

A few years ago I was looking for a new horse. I found Lulu, who was a reassignment from BLM. The people who had her said she’d been saddled and I thought great, I can put miles on her. When we got her home and in the corral she was terrified! She was very much scared of people. She got to be a pasture pet for a few years, nothing I did really seemed to help her feel more comfortable around people. I found GEMS and ended up bringing her to Stephanie. I didn’t think Lulu was even going to be trainable. Not only did Stephanie get her trained to ride. She got her to LOVE being with me. She trailers, stands for the farrier, everything... she’s great. Lulu used to run away as soon as her halter was off, now she follows me all over the corral and pasture. Furthermore, it was so cold the last month I wasn’t able to ride her and I was a little nervous as to how she’d act. She was perfect! We went for a ride bareback, halter and lead rope only, no problems.

I would suggest Stephanie to anyone. Her training is positive for the horse and it lasts!

Holly H.

"She doesn't waste time with band-aid solutions..."

I've been sending my horses to Stephanie for years. I fully trust that they will receive excellent care while they're with her and I never have to worry about the what-ifs. She is a qualified barefoot trimmer, and has worked a vet assistant so I know she can handle emergencies if they come up. As for training, she proves that with every horse she starts for me. They come out soft, well-rounded, and meeting my goals. Stephanie doesn't waste time with band-aid training solutions... if there's a deeper problem, she's not afraid to tell you that she needs to dig into this deeper problem for the sake of the solid foundation of the horse. Sometimes it can be hard to see the vision at these times, but I've learned to trust Stephanie and it's always paid off and created lasting results with my Thoroughbreds and rescues. 

If you think another trainer may be "good enough"... save yourself and your horse the trouble and just send them to Stephanie instead.

Leslie M.