Infinity Horsemanship
Training Philosophy

My ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between horses and humans through a compassionate, psychology-based approach that actually works!

The way we connect with our horses mirrors how we connect with other humans including ourselves! Therefore as we gain understanding with our horses and base our equine relationships in trust, compassion, and synchronicity, we gain insight into our other relationships as well.

Communication is the foundation for success in any happy relationship. I strive to teach people how to communicate with horses in a manner that the horse understands and prefers.
Building relationships is more than just treating others the way that you would like to be treated...
...the key is to treat others the way that they would like to be treated!

✶ We owe it to our horses to understand and respect their unique equine psychology
if we intend to build a true connection and partnership with them. 

An expertise based on developing wild Mustangs

The majority of my experience has been gentling Mustangs and developing them under saddle. So how does that qualify me to train your Thoroughbred...Warmblood... Quarter Horse...? 

Because you MUST treat a Mustang the way you SHOULD treat a domestic horse. Mustangs are incredibly sensitive, intuitive, and tuned in to their humans more so than any other horse. This means that in order to be successful in training a Mustang, your communication MUST be clear... your timing MUST be precise... and you MUST be congruent emotionally and energetically. 

These are all skills that, when mastered, allow any horse to unlock their fullest potential. Thus the "Infinity" program name... when the language and leadership is effective, every person has endless potential to surpass their wildest dreams with horses.

Individualized Training based on what YOUR HORSE needs

This is not a cookie-cutter program that expects every horse to respond in the same manner. Every horse is different in what they need to succeed. We're constantly seeking balance in our horses... meaning some horses need more energy while others need less. Some horses need more lightness while others need more relaxation. Some horses succeed with a natural horsemanship approach while others need positive reinforcement integration. 

With Infinity, every horse is treated as an individual and we meet the needs of your horse every session. No matter where your horse starts, they will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion as we draw upon years of experience to give your horse exactly what they need. 

Multiple Modalities to Draw From

Stephanie has studied with the best and invested in her own knowledge to develop her skills over the years. She has reached a mastery level in the following modalities: 

🡆 Least Resistance Natural Horsemanship Training
🡆 Positive Reinforcement Training
🡆 Liberty and Freedom Based Training
🡆 Energy Work

Your horse may need one or all of these tools... so why not work with someone who can employ them all?

Prioritizing the PARTNERSHIP

The most important aspect of any training program is setting you up for success AFTER the horse goes home. It doesn't matter what I can do with your horse... unless you can recreate those results. In order to ensure this success, it is crucial to prioritize YOUR education and connection with your horse. When you invest in the development of your horse, you're really investing in your partnership as I help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and become the best partner you can be for your horse. Think of me as a "relationship therapist"! I'll work with each of you independently, then together with an understanding of where each of you can meet the other halfway. 

Let me help you JUMP towards your goals!

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