With the large number of wild horses being rounded up in Colorado, adoptions are happening and horses are finding homes! But what does it take to safely socialize and develop a lasting relationship with your new Mustang??

Join us for Mustang Partnership with Stephanie Linsley and discover!

Friday September 16, 2022 Meet-n-Greet 5-7 pm
Saturday September 17, 2022 Clinic 9am - 5pm
Sunday September 18, 2022 Clinic 9am - 5pm

Over a decade of experience working with hundreds of Mustangs has allowed Stephanie to develop a unique level of expertise with these horses we love so much. Join her in this special clinic offering as she shares her knowledge of equine psychology and learning behavior, reading the horse’s body language and thresholds, and building a meaningful connection with our horses. This clinic will demystify gentling techniques and help you set and achieve attainable goals with your own Mustangs. This is a fully immersive experience as you watch Stephanie work with two untouched Mustangs, participate in classroom lessons with multimedia tools, and participate in hands-on sessions to develop your own skills and self-awareness in a safe environment. The scope of this clinic will give you the tools, techniques, and principles you need to develop a lasting partnership with your own Mustang at home. 

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Stephanie has had the privilege of interacting with nearly 1000 Mustangs over the course of her career as a trainer and manager of a large Mustang Sanctuary & Training Center. Included in this experience are the specific interactions with a significant number of Sand Wash Basin Mustangs. Stephanie believes the best way to keep our Mustangs safe after adoption is to equip adopters with the knowledge necessary to be successful in their own training endeavors. In a clinic setting, Stephanie has a unique ability to present information in a way that resonates with students.

“I attended Stephanie's Women's Veteran Retreat in 2019 and met Stephanie for the first time. She is an inciteful, intelligent, empathetic and kind woman and that aura follows her into her horse training. Before coming to GEMS I thought I had a decent understanding of horse training and horse behavior. I always got the task I wanted done with a horse. Looking back now I realize I had a decent understanding of some fairly archaic, older training methods. Steph showed me a whole other way in which you almost create this dance with the horse using pressure/release and positive reinforcement training; always kind and gentle techniques. I fell for this style of training hard and use it constantly in my training and teaching of others at my own nonprofit horse ranch and with my youth groups. We are digging deeper into horse psychology and understanding behavior and the best methods to teach that animal. Understanding their brain and its capabilities, reflecting on our own projections and coming away a better team, horse and human. Thanks to Steph, my book of horsemanship just expanded into something that has no limits or bounds.”

- Dana White (Trainer & Director Blue Sky Ranch)